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On the way to home, my coworker told me that she saw many people putting on a flu mask in Japan.
I told the reason that they could feel easy by doing it, but a question came to my mind, too.
Why are they comfortable?
Google gives the solution for this question. lol

According to a website, people, especially girls, prefer to put on a mask in order to hide their face.
They are very conscious about make-up, but it takes them time.
Getting lazy to make-up everyday, they started to use it to cover below the eyes, and to save time.
It sounds very clever for me!

There are also another reasons for wearing a mask.
I used to use it, too, in winter because I have asthma and it gets worse during the season.
It's caused by the dry air, so I have to keep the moist condition, and wearing mask is the perfect way to do that.

Masks are very useful in terms of not only avoiding flu but also another aspects.

Below is Japanese/以下日本語!!! Read more

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Food available with $5 in Japan

One day my supervisor asked me what I would be able to buy with a dollar in Japan.
(Approximately 80 yen is equal to a dollar currently.)
A McDonald's normal burger would be the clearest answer, but nothing came to my mind except it.

Therefore, I searched on the Internet to figure out good examples for the question.
And I have found a good article which features Japanese set meals available less than five dollars.
I cite some pictures form the article.

The appetizing meals' pictures are put in the "Read more". Please check it out!
(By the way, we call traditional Japanese set meal "Tei sho cu". McDonald in Japane uses "set" instead of "meal".)


「続きを読む(Read more)」に美味しそうな定食の写真を載せておきましたので、是非ともご覧くださいね。
(日本で言う定食は"set meal"と言うそうです。マックの「セット」はこちらでは「ミール」と呼ばれてますよ。) Read more

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Power nap

My weekdays always start in the early morning. I wake up before 7 a.m. and finish everything to do, like having breakfast, washing my face, toothbrushing, and so on, by around 7:30. (My mate uses a bathroom to take shower in the morning. If not, I would sleep more 30 minutes!)
So my sleeping time is for about 6 hours each weekdays, and it's not the enough amount to keep awake a whole day. Then, I found a nice method to make my life more easy.
It's called "Power nap". Here is the description.

1. Find a good place to nap.
2. Have caffeine right before you nap.
3. Set an alarm to go off in 25 minutes, and take a nap.
4. Get up as soon as the alarm goes off.
* The source has more detail, so please take a look if you are interested.

The work efficiency will be dramatically increased after the nap. Plus, the sleeping hours are not so long that we also have a good night's sleep.
Sleeping is happiness given to people equivalently. (Does it make sense??)

Below is written in Japanese:)

Read more

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