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The Japanese Punctuality...?

"Traditionally, Japanese people are always punctual on time."
I heard this saying somewhere before and have thought it well-described their attitude toward works. Companies never allow to be late, and they would cut pay if workers do not appear on time.

Today, I found a funny Tweet which referred to a comment said by an Indonesian nurse working in Japan. According to the Tweet, he/she speaks like,

Japanese people are not punctual. They are very strict with being late but never finish up working on time.


Needless to say, in Japan, working hours in offices are very long, and ironically it is very famous in the world, too. Companies require both coming earlier and doing overtime to workers for the sake of productivity. Moreover, the fact is that the extension of working hours has been getting nature in these days.

And after all, now the hours become like more than half of a day, about four hours addition to the hours given by the labor low, and many people work everyday except a weekly day off and several holidays. (However two days off for a week is the rule!)

I believe this is one of worse Japanese traditions because, without doubt, it is true that the work style is the reason for modern problems such as depression, suicide, death from overtime working, and so on.

The country needs to take it hard and improve this habit seriously.

Below is written in Japanese.

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