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11,721,000,000,000,000 EUR for telephone charge.

A French telephone company sent a whacking phone bill, approximately 6,000 times of the country's GDP, to their client by mistake. An information operator had not admitted the client's inquiry for a while.

Solenne San Jose, who lives in Pessac located in the southern east part of France, received the bill from the company Bouygues, and could not believe her eyes because of the amount.
The bill showed 11,721,000,000,000,000, (11 quadrillion 721 billion EUR).

The correct amount was 117.21 EUR.

>Did she called around Andromeda?
>The world economy would change if it's paid.
>It's impossible even for Bill Gates.
>takes about about 55.7 billion years to calculate ate 0.40 EUR/min

My realization: Writing journals everyday is difficult.
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Opinions about the new law against Download

Many Internet users posted their opinions on the BBS which is in a website about the new law.
I cited from some of their opinions and translated.

Q. What is your feeling towards the new law?
> Settle the claim with pirated editions first before approving legislation.
> The law to arrest on a separate charge, after all.
> It's a pity illegal downloading is no longer available, but the law is reasonable, considering today's situation
> The situation will not change. People don't care about it.
> Public opinions are ignored by governors evading taxes.
> I'm afraid of using the Internet.

Q. Will the new law bring economic recovery?
> Download files in order to preview works. If they are good quality I pay for them.
> It has happened because of recession.
> I am poor!
> Prices are extremely expensive. 1,000 yen ($12) is enough for an album.
> Think why people don't pay.

Q. Will the market recover?
> If the prices get cheap the markets would change.
> The law is made by part of people who will gain money. it doesn't relate to the economy at all.
> Downloads played a role of advertisement.
> It's just nonessential groceries. People likely lose interest and quit to use them.

Written in Japnese below./以下日本語!

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The Act of Anti-Illigal Downlode

The new law against illegal download was enforced in Japan on October 1st. According to the news website CNN ,

Those who possess illegally downloaded of music or films in Japan can face prison term of up to two years and fines of nearly 2 million yen (U.S. $25,679), ...

Check the summarized information from the following link.
(The link for CNN is available from "

Needless to say there are tons of files uploaded illegally on the web, and you will find anything by using search engines like Google. For example, if someone puts "a music title + mp3" in the search form, he would find the music file and be able to listen to it at no cost. Using illegal tools are apparently bad and should be punished. the law would be influence widely soon.

However this new law has been accused of several points by many Internet users and organizations. The major opinion seen on the web is the ambiguity of the law. (The translations of the opinions are available on the next day's journals.)

I think it should have been enforced after taking the action against people uploading illegal files. Once the root of all evil disappear, nobody relates to it, isn't it?

To be continued...

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