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Cat's Tongue

Many languages have a variety of unique expressions, and today's title is an example of Japanese one translated directly into English.

The expression "Neko jita" consists of two Kanji(es?), and the first part(Neko) means "cat", and the second one (jita) is "tongue".
English speakers would not understand this expression because, I guess, it makes sense only in Japanese.
So what does it mean?

This saying describes that his or her tongue is too sensitive to have something very hot, or easy to burn their tongues.
I don't know how this expression comes, but this is really useful and I frequently say it.

Like when I have a coffee with my friend,
"It's too hot for me. I am "Neko Jita"!"

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YouTube Evolution

YouTube Changes Its Search Ranking Algorithm To Focus On Engagement, Not Just Clicks
YouTube just announced that it is changing its search ranking algorithm to highlight videos that keep viewers engaged. The idea here, says YouTube, is to “reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching.” Because of this change, YouTube expects that the time viewers spent watching videos from search will increase in the near future.

YouTube Search: Now Optimized For Time Watched

Today’s announcement doesn’t come as a total surprise. Earlier this year, the company already explained its focus on ‘watch time.” When it updated its suggested videos algorithm, YouTube noted that it did so to “better surface the videos that viewers actually watch, over those that they click on and then abandon.”

Previous to this, smart video producers had noticed that YouTube would reward clicks more than actual views, so they would ensure that their video thumbnails were as provocative as possible. YouTube, however, is obviously more interested in getting its users to engage with videos (and ads).

This search ranking change also comes just a day after the company announced that it would add data like time watched to YouTube Analytics. Thanks to this, the YouTube team noted today, video producers “have even more tools to evaluate the performance of [their] videos and channel.”

YouTube Changes Its Search Ranking Algorithm To Focus On Engagement, Not Just Clicks

I thought this English to Japanese translation is very good quality, and that's the reason I chose this article for today's blog.
In the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph, did so to “better surface the videos that viewers actually watch, over those that they click on and then abandon.
This kind of sentence would never be taught in Japan...

以下日本語訳、プラス思ったこと!! Read more

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Stewardess Secret Photographing CEO is released.

A 34 years old man, the CEO of a company in Takamtsu, was arrested by the Tokyo Airport Police for sneaking shot of a stewardesses in a flying plane, but he was released without indictment, reported on Ocotber 12th.

From the witnesses, the police confirmed that he took a sneaking photograph over the Hyogo prefecture's sky, and arrested him on suspicion of the prefecture's Anti-Nuisance Ordinance. However, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office judged that they did not have enough conviction to specify where the crime happened.

In the morning on September 9th, the man was grabbed because of taking inside of a stewardess's skirt with a spy cam attached to a ball-painted pen in the flying Japan Airline's plane .

He confessed to the clime, and many sneaking pictures were found from his computer.

Usually each Anti-Nuisance Ordinance is applied for sneaking shot's exposure, but planes travel around some prefectures at very high speed so that it is difficult to identify where the incident has happened.
There has been no example of arresting during flight so far.


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11,721,000,000,000,000 EUR for telephone charge.

A French telephone company sent a whacking phone bill, approximately 6,000 times of the country's GDP, to their client by mistake. An information operator had not admitted the client's inquiry for a while.

Solenne San Jose, who lives in Pessac located in the southern east part of France, received the bill from the company Bouygues, and could not believe her eyes because of the amount.
The bill showed 11,721,000,000,000,000, (11 quadrillion 721 billion EUR).

The correct amount was 117.21 EUR.

>Did she called around Andromeda?
>The world economy would change if it's paid.
>It's impossible even for Bill Gates.
>takes about about 55.7 billion years to calculate ate 0.40 EUR/min

My realization: Writing journals everyday is difficult.
At least 5 journals in a week would be my ideal border... Read more

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Masked Japanese

On the way to home, my coworker told me that she saw many people putting on a flu mask in Japan.
I told the reason that they could feel easy by doing it, but a question came to my mind, too.
Why are they comfortable?
Google gives the solution for this question. lol

According to a website, people, especially girls, prefer to put on a mask in order to hide their face.
They are very conscious about make-up, but it takes them time.
Getting lazy to make-up everyday, they started to use it to cover below the eyes, and to save time.
It sounds very clever for me!

There are also another reasons for wearing a mask.
I used to use it, too, in winter because I have asthma and it gets worse during the season.
It's caused by the dry air, so I have to keep the moist condition, and wearing mask is the perfect way to do that.

Masks are very useful in terms of not only avoiding flu but also another aspects.

Below is Japanese/以下日本語!!! Read more

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Food available with $5 in Japan

One day my supervisor asked me what I would be able to buy with a dollar in Japan.
(Approximately 80 yen is equal to a dollar currently.)
A McDonald's normal burger would be the clearest answer, but nothing came to my mind except it.

Therefore, I searched on the Internet to figure out good examples for the question.
And I have found a good article which features Japanese set meals available less than five dollars.
I cite some pictures form the article.

The appetizing meals' pictures are put in the "Read more". Please check it out!
(By the way, we call traditional Japanese set meal "Tei sho cu". McDonald in Japane uses "set" instead of "meal".)


「続きを読む(Read more)」に美味しそうな定食の写真を載せておきましたので、是非ともご覧くださいね。
(日本で言う定食は"set meal"と言うそうです。マックの「セット」はこちらでは「ミール」と呼ばれてますよ。) Read more

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Opinions about the new law against Download

Many Internet users posted their opinions on the BBS which is in a website about the new law.
I cited from some of their opinions and translated.

Q. What is your feeling towards the new law?
> Settle the claim with pirated editions first before approving legislation.
> The law to arrest on a separate charge, after all.
> It's a pity illegal downloading is no longer available, but the law is reasonable, considering today's situation
> The situation will not change. People don't care about it.
> Public opinions are ignored by governors evading taxes.
> I'm afraid of using the Internet.

Q. Will the new law bring economic recovery?
> Download files in order to preview works. If they are good quality I pay for them.
> It has happened because of recession.
> I am poor!
> Prices are extremely expensive. 1,000 yen ($12) is enough for an album.
> Think why people don't pay.

Q. Will the market recover?
> If the prices get cheap the markets would change.
> The law is made by part of people who will gain money. it doesn't relate to the economy at all.
> Downloads played a role of advertisement.
> It's just nonessential groceries. People likely lose interest and quit to use them.

Written in Japnese below./以下日本語!

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The Act of Anti-Illigal Downlode

The new law against illegal download was enforced in Japan on October 1st. According to the news website CNN ,

Those who possess illegally downloaded of music or films in Japan can face prison term of up to two years and fines of nearly 2 million yen (U.S. $25,679), ...

Check the summarized information from the following link.
(The link for CNN is available from "

Needless to say there are tons of files uploaded illegally on the web, and you will find anything by using search engines like Google. For example, if someone puts "a music title + mp3" in the search form, he would find the music file and be able to listen to it at no cost. Using illegal tools are apparently bad and should be punished. the law would be influence widely soon.

However this new law has been accused of several points by many Internet users and organizations. The major opinion seen on the web is the ambiguity of the law. (The translations of the opinions are available on the next day's journals.)

I think it should have been enforced after taking the action against people uploading illegal files. Once the root of all evil disappear, nobody relates to it, isn't it?

To be continued...

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Funny picture 1

(Red Kanji means "Hunting club" in English.)

Too massive to hunt

Japanese humor is different from American jokes.
It's rather easy to tell the sense of humor by using pictures as they are visible, but literal jokes are very difficult to understand the sense.

When I don't have time I am gonna put funny pictures instead of writing articles...

Below is written in Japanese.

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War Possibility

Currently many newspapers feature territorial disputes. I often see this type of word on any papers or websites such as BBC, CNN, Japan Times, and so on.

Unfortunately our country has also been involved in this issue with a few countries, and the situations are growing more serious in these days. They have often recurred over decades but usually faded away soon. However this time the conflicts seem to be exceptional compared with past examples, and people are even writing on BBS that war might break out.

As all Japanese know, Japan would never authorize military force because of the 9th article of Japanese constitution, which is the nation's one of the first three principles and represents its pacifism. Educated it since elementary school students, people basically tend to be opposed to war.

There is an anxiety in my mind. The modern forces are very mighty so that I can barely imagine what will be brought after war.
If it happens while I'm in Canada, what am I going to do?

Below is written in Japanese.

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The Japanese Punctuality...?

"Traditionally, Japanese people are always punctual on time."
I heard this saying somewhere before and have thought it well-described their attitude toward works. Companies never allow to be late, and they would cut pay if workers do not appear on time.

Today, I found a funny Tweet which referred to a comment said by an Indonesian nurse working in Japan. According to the Tweet, he/she speaks like,

Japanese people are not punctual. They are very strict with being late but never finish up working on time.


Needless to say, in Japan, working hours in offices are very long, and ironically it is very famous in the world, too. Companies require both coming earlier and doing overtime to workers for the sake of productivity. Moreover, the fact is that the extension of working hours has been getting nature in these days.

And after all, now the hours become like more than half of a day, about four hours addition to the hours given by the labor low, and many people work everyday except a weekly day off and several holidays. (However two days off for a week is the rule!)

I believe this is one of worse Japanese traditions because, without doubt, it is true that the work style is the reason for modern problems such as depression, suicide, death from overtime working, and so on.

The country needs to take it hard and improve this habit seriously.

Below is written in Japanese.

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Zombie Outbreak

On the way to home, my coworker asked me about video games. I used to play them before coming to Canada. Speaking of the world-renown titles, my favorite video games are "Resident Evil", "Final Fantasy", and so on. Although Japanese companies launch a lot of good quality works, many of them are obscure in the world.

By the way, nowadays it seems as if Zombies are the star in the video game and movie industry, especially survival and horror fields.
"How many games use them?"
"How many people became victims of Zombie in total?"

Curiosities suddenly came to my mind. The pandemic is expanding no longer only in the imaginary worlds, but now also in the real world as a popular genre.

I would like to research and write a kind of report when I have time.

Below is written in Japanese.

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Strange questions asked in interviews

I cannot help saying crazy to Japanese job hunting. There are some examples that would make me confused if I was asked by interviewers.

・Tell me how to count up the number of all cockroaches in Japan.
・Do you believe ghost?
・What do you think yourself if you are an animal? why?
・Which song is used in our company's TV commercial?
・Give a nickname to the interviewer.
・Do you know my first name?
・Give ten differences between shrimps and crayfishes.
・Pick up ten ten TV personalities to make up a baseball team.

These were once asked candidates in real job interviews. Even an ordinary company would give such incomprehensible questions.
What's their intention?

Below is written in Japanese

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Power nap

My weekdays always start in the early morning. I wake up before 7 a.m. and finish everything to do, like having breakfast, washing my face, toothbrushing, and so on, by around 7:30. (My mate uses a bathroom to take shower in the morning. If not, I would sleep more 30 minutes!)
So my sleeping time is for about 6 hours each weekdays, and it's not the enough amount to keep awake a whole day. Then, I found a nice method to make my life more easy.
It's called "Power nap". Here is the description.

1. Find a good place to nap.
2. Have caffeine right before you nap.
3. Set an alarm to go off in 25 minutes, and take a nap.
4. Get up as soon as the alarm goes off.
* The source has more detail, so please take a look if you are interested.

The work efficiency will be dramatically increased after the nap. Plus, the sleeping hours are not so long that we also have a good night's sleep.
Sleeping is happiness given to people equivalently. (Does it make sense??)

Below is written in Japanese:)

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Dairy or Journal?

I faced up to a question when I was trying to decide this blog's name.
"Diary" and "Journal"...which word would be right for the title? Here is a quotation.

They're largely synonymous, though diary sometimes implies something more personal and/or private.

The website showed a clear description. Plus, there is an interesting saying I found during searching.
"Girls keep diaries, boys keep journals.
Would it be a gender-equality problem?

These are my rules for writing this web-log.
1. Write something everyday, at least trivia.
2. Use both English and Japanese. To be bi-lingual!
...That's it!

I would appreciate it if you correct any mistakes about both languages!
From here in Japanese. (Basically same things I write in English.)

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