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Opinions about the new law against Download

Many Internet users posted their opinions on the BBS which is in a website about the new law.
I cited from some of their opinions and translated.

Q. What is your feeling towards the new law?
> Settle the claim with pirated editions first before approving legislation.
> The law to arrest on a separate charge, after all.
> It's a pity illegal downloading is no longer available, but the law is reasonable, considering today's situation
> The situation will not change. People don't care about it.
> Public opinions are ignored by governors evading taxes.
> I'm afraid of using the Internet.

Q. Will the new law bring economic recovery?
> Download files in order to preview works. If they are good quality I pay for them.
> It has happened because of recession.
> I am poor!
> Prices are extremely expensive. 1,000 yen ($12) is enough for an album.
> Think why people don't pay.

Q. Will the market recover?
> If the prices get cheap the markets would change.
> The law is made by part of people who will gain money. it doesn't relate to the economy at all.
> Downloads played a role of advertisement.
> It's just nonessential groceries. People likely lose interest and quit to use them.

Written in Japnese below./以下日本語!

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