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On the way to home, my coworker told me that she saw many people putting on a flu mask in Japan.
I told the reason that they could feel easy by doing it, but a question came to my mind, too.
Why are they comfortable?
Google gives the solution for this question. lol

According to a website, people, especially girls, prefer to put on a mask in order to hide their face.
They are very conscious about make-up, but it takes them time.
Getting lazy to make-up everyday, they started to use it to cover below the eyes, and to save time.
It sounds very clever for me!

There are also another reasons for wearing a mask.
I used to use it, too, in winter because I have asthma and it gets worse during the season.
It's caused by the dry air, so I have to keep the moist condition, and wearing mask is the perfect way to do that.

Masks are very useful in terms of not only avoiding flu but also another aspects.

Below is Japanese/以下日本語!!! Read more

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